A VOUS la Parole - Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein & Rudolf zur Lippe in Fes

A VOUS la Parole

Exposition de


Peinture Gestuelle

du 19 au 25 Avril 2015
de 09.00 hrs à 18.30 hrs

Vernissage le 19Avril 18.30


Dr. Faouzi Skali
Président Festival de Fès de la Culture Soufie

Son Exellence Volkmar Wenzel

Ambassadeur de la République fédérale d'Allemagne Au Maroc

Pascual Jordan
curator Werkstatt Galérie Berlin

à la
Fondation Esprit de Fès
Sidi Al Khayat BP 679
Fès 30200 Maroc

Sous le Haut Patronage de
Sa Majeste le Roi Mohammed VI
Ambassade de la République fédérale d'Allemagne Au Maroc

avec soutien amical de
Fondation Esprit de Fès e Werkstattgalerie Berlin

Pressconference for the Exhibition Check-Point in Bologna

Giovedì 19 Febbraio 2015 alle ore 18,30

Convegno in Aula Magna

Bologna - Via Massimo D’Azeglio 33

sulla mostra in corso

Giovedì 19 Febbraio 2015 presso
L.UN.A. – Libera Università delle Arti – a Bologna in Via Massimo D’Azeglio 33, alle ore 18,30 si svolgerà il convegno sulla mostra CHECK POINT con installazioni e opere dello scultore milanese Fabrizio Pozzoli in dialogo con le opere dei due artisti fotografi israeliani Benyamin Reich e Lea Golda Holterman, inaugurata alla Galleria SPAZIO TESTONI di Bologna in occasione di Arte Fiera per l’evento MACROCOSMI e che resterà visibile fino al 28 marzo 2015.

Dalle 17,00 alle 18,00 il convegno sarà preceduto da una visita guidata dal curatore Pascual Jordan alla mostra CHECK POINT in corso alla Galleria Spazio Testoni di Bologna in Via D’Azeglio 50, dedicata agli studenti di L.UN.A. e a tutti coloro che vorranno partecipare ad ingresso libero.


- Martina Cavallarin, critica d’arte e curatrice del progetto Macrocosmi

- Pascual Jordan, titolare della Werkstattgalerie di Berlino, curatore del progetto Macrocosmi e della mostra CHECK POINT

- Milena Naldi, storica dell’arte e Presidente del Quartiere San Vitale – Comune di Bologna

- Silvia Manfredini, teologa e docente di Storia delle Religioni

- Paola Veronesi Testoni, titolare della Galleria Spazio Testoni di Bologna

Questo convegno-incontro pubblico vuole analizzare alcuni aspetti tematici che la mostra CHECK POINT ha proposto attraverso un allestimento che presenta nella prima sala della galleria Spazio Testoni una gabbia in filo metallico realizzata site specific da Fabrizio Pozzoli, attraverso la quale il pubblico è costretto a transitare entrando in galleria, trovandosi così a sfiorare la grande scultura in filo metallico ossidato “The missing hours”, della serie Oversize di Pozzoli. Attraverso la gabbia sono visibili alle pareti della galleria immagini fotografiche di Benyamin Reich e di Lea Golda Holterman, due artisti di origine israeliana presenti sulla scena artistica contemporanea Berlinese, che indagano situazioni e tradizioni della cultura Ebraica e Palestinese con un taglio artistico personale, ma che consentono agli osservatori delle loro opere di conoscere aspetti della vita quotidiana di questi due popoli, sconosciuti a molti di noi Europei e Occidentali.

Nelle altre sale della galleria continua il dialogo tra le sculture di Fabrizio Pozzoli e le immagini fotografiche su Israeliani e Palestinesi realizzate da Benyamin Reich e Lea Golda Holterman.

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M.ph. +39 335 6570830

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14.02. - 08.03.2015

Nach dem vielbeachtetem Projekt
bei dem die Werkstattgalerie während der Kunstmesse in Bologna Ende Januar neue Arbeiten von

Rainer Splitt im Kunstverein Adiacenze,
Rudolf zur Lippe, Daniel Lergon und Jean-Ulrick Desert im Teatri di Vita zeigte,

und weiterhin noch bis Ostern Arbeiten von

Benyamin Reich
in der Galerie Spazio Testoni
( www.spaziotestoni.it )
und Werke von
Stefano Ronci, Gianni Moretti und Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein
im Kunstraum C.U.BO Center Unipol Bologna ( www.cubounipol.it ) zeigt,

eröffnet die Werkstattgalerie die Ausstellungssaison mit neuesten Arbeiten von

Rainer Splitt, Caroline Le Méhauté und Rudolf zur Lippe

Zur Vernissage am
Freitag den 13.Februar um 19 Uhr
laden wir Sie herzlich ein und freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen im Neuen Jahr.


Eisenacher Str. 6
D-10777 Berlin

T +49.(0)30.68910349
Di-Sa 12-19h, Sa 12-16h

Macrocosmi: Benyamin Reich @Spazio Testoni until 28th March

Together with Werkstattgalerie of Berlin and on the occasion of 2015 ARTE FIERA, SPAZIO TESTONI Gallery of Bologna, Via D'azeglio 50, is introducing the works of three artists interacting over the theme of the Israeli-Palestinian issue, a concern that has been troubling the Middle East - and beyond - for more than five decades now. Through the iron wire-made works of Fabrizio Pozzoli, a Milanese sculptor, and the photographs of Benyamin Reich and Lea Golda Holterman, both of Israeli origin and active on the Berlin contemporary art scene, Check Point, an exhibit, offers a reflection on the present situation and the various cultures sharing those territories and constantly looking for a hard-to-achieve way of coexistence where violence and economic imbalance are the key words.
For this exhibit Fabrizio Pozzoli arranged a site-specific, cage-type installation that was placed at the gallery entrance. Visitors are forced to go through it so brushing against The Missing Hours, a large oxidized iron wire human figure, its hands close to the face - a sculpture from Pozzoli's Oversize series.
This work immediately conveys the theme this exhibit is about - how hard it is for us to understand the events that are taking place both in the Israelo-Palestinian territories and the whole Middle East, which is often a result of our ignorance about the social and cultural conflicts those Countries are experiencing - a problem that is affecting different and far away Countries, as shown by what has occurred in France early this year.
A cage, that is, that locks thoughts and worries inside, deceptively protecting from the "other", the cultural diversity, separating one from the other, but also a Check Point working as an unavoidable stranglehold towards the understanding of what surrounds us. In this exhibit such issues are being metaphorically stated through the photographs presented by the two Werkstattgalerie of Berlin artists, Benyamin Reich and Lea Golda Holterman. Placed outside Pozzoli's cage through which they remain at any rate visible, scenes of Israeli and Palestinian daily life are being shown to us as an account of those People's conflicts, traditions, culture.
These days the German Capital is hosting young artists from all over the world, many of them from Israel. As it is getting bigger and bigger, this phenomenon is turning into a sort of a "counter-exodus" of young Israelis to Northern Europe, a quest for their family and cultural heritage, a search for a better safety and a different lifestyle from the imposing Jewish orthodoxy and Islamic radicalism ones both in their daily life and artistic freedom of expression.

Fabrizio Pozzoli,
1973, was born in Milan, where he presently lives and works in the field of scientific studies and as an assistant set designer. A researcher in graphics and creative writing, Pozzoli specialized in anatomical figure drawing at the Scuola del Fumetto of Milan. Since the end of the 1990s he has been devoting himself to the construction of large size, tri-dimensional, iron-wire made metallic sculptures, that since 2005 have been mainly focusing on the face and the physiognomic characters.
Rust as a component from natural oxidation dates back to 2007. Oversize, Pozzoli's personal exhibit held at Montrasio Art Gallery of Milan (2008), is enriched by the works of a great photography maestro, Gianni Berengo Gardin. In his catalogue (Gianni Berengo Gardin - Re-portrait) Berengo Gardin portrayed Pozzoli at work in his studio calling him one of the personalities of the 1900s cultural world.
For Attese, a 2010 exhibit held at Gli Eroici Furori gallery, Milan, Pozzoli presented his sculptures together with works by Gianfranco Ferroni. In Prodromes (Cavaciuti gallery, Milan 2013) he exhibited a series of iron wire figures with ordinary daily objects and materials included within, plus other works where anthropomorphic figures had been drawn with rust on thin iron foils. The catalogue of this exhibit included studio works by the Austrian photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich. For Intrecci, a 2014 exhibit held at Gli Eroici Furori gallery of Milan (Alberto Mattia Martini, curator) Pozzoli carried on his dialogue with the contemporary photography maestros and their works - namely Maurizio Galimberti and his Polaroid-made mosaics.
Fabrizio Pozzoli exhibited in Europe, America and Asia.

Benyamin Reich
Born 1976, Bney Brak, Israel
The son of a rabbi at a major yeshiva (i. e. rabbi school), Reich grew up in a family of 12. By observing his photographs one can easily realize how the powerful traditions of Reich's past life have not been set aside, but rather made the center of his art and explained to the general public in a very personal way.
The aim of Benjamin Reich's art is to combine aesthetics with tradition, so to enable the viewer to re-discover the ultra-ortodox world, its hidden side, and look under a different standpoint at those men and women that seem so distant from modern society.
Education: École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, Paris; Ma’ale School of Cinema, Television and the Arts, Jerusalem; Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem – Selected Solo Shows: 2013 “Who shoots Reich? Eine deutsche Winterreise” - Werkstattgalerie, Berlin, “Jud Süß” – Kunstverein Schwetzingen; 2012 “Jud Süß” - Kunstverein Worms: 2008 “Forsaken Me?” - The Jerusalem Artist’s House; 2004 “Here and Here” - Haifa Museum of Art; 2003 “Black Stars” - the Gallery of the Beit Berl College of Art, Tel Aviv – Selected Group Exhibitions 2014 Les Euronautes” - Europäischer Monat der Fotografie Berlin, Galerie Kornfeld; “Kunst van het Geloven” - St Nicolaas- Kapelle, Netherlands; 2013 “Die Asporas Project” - P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2011 “Heimatkunde” - Jüdisches Museum; 2010 “HomeLessHome” – Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem; 2009 “Cockeye” - Gal-On Art Space, Tel Aviv; “The Age of a Different Re-action” - Davide Gallo Gallery, Berlin.

Lea Golda Holterman
, 1976, was born in Haifa, Israel, and is presently living and working between Tel Aviv and Berlin. A Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design graduate, Holterman's photographic research draws on the social and national identity, fully investigating the hidden sides of its characters and the obscure tendencies of a whole nation. Holterman's exhibits were held at the Vienna Museum for the Arts, the Boghossian Foundation in Brussels, the Amsterdam Museum for Modern Art, the Tel Aviv Art Museum, Haifa Art Museum and Ramat Gan Museum (Israel).
Education: 2003 – 2008 B.F.A Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Graduated with Honor and Excellency. Work: Haaretz Magazine – Private column photography and writing - L’uomo Vouge. Awards: 2011 Nominated Deutsche Börse Photography Prize; 2010 Nominated Der Merck-Preis, 1st Prize, Arle Photography Festival, 1st Prize, IPA Photography, 2009 Hasselblad Award Best 100 Photographers; 2007 Sharet Foundation, IPA award; 2006 Honor Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Selected Solo Exhibitions: 2012 Fred Gallery, London (future); 2011 orthodox eros brussle,orthodox eros, Lithuinia; 2010 Orthodox Eros, Arle Photography Festival, France, Chapter one, Ramat Gan Museum, Israel; 2009 Orthodox Eros, Dada Post gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2009 Exile Coker college, Art Department, Hartsville, U.S.A, 2008 D&A Gallery, Israel, 2007 Tova Osman Gallery, Israel. Selected Group Exhibitions: 2012 Grid Festival, No Fashion Please! Museum for the Arts, Vienna, 2011 Boghossian Fundation, Brussle, Minitire Museum for Modern Art, Amsterdam, 2010 Museum of Photography, Darmstädter, Merck Prize (Nominated), 2009 Museum of Tel Aviv, Photography group show, (curator: Nili Goren), Haifa Museum of Art, History of Violence, (curator: Hadas Maor), Hasselblad Photography Awared (10 Best Photographers for 2009); 2008 IPA, Los Angeles, USA; 2007 The OpenMuseum of Photography, Tel-Hay, Israel.

With Check Point (opening: January 21, 2015. Duration: all throughout March 28, 2015) and in collaboration with Werkstattgalerie of Berlin (www.werkstattgalerie.org), Spazio Testoni Gallery of Bologna is partner in the MACROCOSMI - Ordnungen anderer Art project, an interaction between Bologna and Berlin care of Martina Cavallarin and Pascual Jordan. Coordination: Forum der Kulturen Foundation. Patronage: The German Embassy in Rome. Partnership: Accademia di Bologna, CUBO Centro Unipol Bologna, Teatri di Vita Bologna, Gallerie di Bologna, nGbK neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, Landesverband Berliner Galerien.

This event is part of Art City 2015 - Art City White Night, Saturday January 24th, 2015 - sponsored by Comune di Bologna in collaboration with Bologna Fiere, 2015 Arte Fiera.


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