„I’M NOT AFRAID“  Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein und Boris Michailov Matinee 30.04. ab 12h

Benyamin Reich: IMAGINE-Dreams of the third Generation  Opening: 15.02.23 19h

Reich’s theatrically staged photographs reveal the histories and mythologies that under gird the relationships so common in today’s Berlin. Costuming the models in these powerful symbols (the swastika, the tallis) is both a provocation and a simple representation of what often remains unspoken between the Jews and non-Jewish Germans who today are lovers and friends. The photos function as a critique of the fantasy of denationalized, fluid identities, in which the third generation interacts without addressing this history; but the playfulness of the staging, the laugh on the lips of the non-professional models, also lampoons the reverent “Never Forget” of both well intentioned and cynical politicians and communal leaders. Indeed, the series’ name -imagine - can be read as a subtle rejoinder to what can feel like an 11th commandment: remember.

As an intentional part of his project, Reich uses his Jewish and German friends in Berlin as his models. The bride is Israeli cabaret performer Nitsan Bernstein, and the groom is German and American professional model Sebastian Sauvé. The guests at the wedding include a formerly Haredi Jew from B’nei B’rak who is being trained as a Reform rabbi; a German Jew who teaches and translates Hebrew and Yiddish; and an Israeli-American painter, who comes from a national-religious settler family in the West Bank, and who spends his weekends at Berghain (the renowned gay nightclub) where he is widely known and recognizable, a club kid with dyed-blonde hair. One of the “Nazis” in the photo-shoot is the grandson of an SS officer. Reich says, “There is a kind of absurdity which reflects our lives here. But in the same way that it looks provocative, it’s the most normal thing in our lives.”
Today, Reich would like to boldly face the past, and look at it from new perspectives. This is why he feels the urge to deal artistically with the image of the ultimately evil non-Jew - the Nazi - and create a new discussion.

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Exhibitionopening Juden  Rein - September 12th at 7pm

Wir laden zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung
"Juden Rein" am 12. September ab 19 Uhr
mit Werken von
Essie Kramer,
Shlomo Pozner,
Navot Miller,
Benyamin Reich und
Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein.

Zur Eröffnung spricht Pascual Jordan
Es singt Zazie de Paris

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Schönheit gegen Gewalt - Gespräch mit Dr. Johannes Odenthal am 24.Juli ab 19h


Die Werkstattgalerie Berlin lädt ein zu einem öffentlichen Gespräch über

Schönheit gegen Gewalt.

Dr. Johannes Odenthal, Programmbeauftragter der Akademie der Künste,
leitet ein Gespräch von
Dr. Manfred Osten und Prof. Dr. Rudolf zur Lippe,

in der Ausstellung der Werkstattgalerie zu diesem Thema,
am 24. Juli um 19,00 Uhr,
Eisenacher Str. 6 10777 Berlin

Manfred Osten und Rudolf zur Lippe haben bereits einige Gespräche zu „Wahrnehmung als Grundlage aller Kultur“ geführt. Nun treten die Fragen der Gewalt in unseren Gesellschaften und Wege der Künste zu deren Auflösung und Umwendung hinzu. Wir sind besonders dankbar, dass dieser Zusammenhang zugleich von Ansätzen und Projekten der
Akademie der Künste her reflektiert werden soll.

Im Rahmen des Projektes Schönheit gegen Gewalt zeigt die
Werkstattgalerie Berlin künstlerische Positionen noch bis zum 24.08.2019 von Hans Georg Berger, Josephine Hubalek, Pascual Jordan, Rudolf zur Lippe, Navot Miller, Marie-Louise von Plessen,
Shlomo Posner, Friederike von Rauch, Benyamin Reich, Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein, Rainer Splitt, Klaus Vogelgesang, Johannes Wewetzer und Kai Wiedenhöfer.

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