Werkstattgalerie is exhibiting young and established positions of modern and contemporary art and presents new aspects in painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. Main emphasis is lying in abstract and minimal arts and innovative technically new developments in traditional arts.

In its exhibition pracis the gallery doesn't follow a strict concept to show the richness of contemporary art which shows the changes and topics of our time. This has been done by curating international group exhibitions through open calls for a specific topic or presenting common new developments among young artists within a certain country.

Exhibition projects have not only been developed together with internally known curators at the gallery premisses but also in different European cities, whereby the gallery has temporally occupied non commercial new places next to institutional ones.

The name of the gallery WERKSTATT (engl= Construction) is programmatic: its a place where ideas and concepts are closely discussed with artists which are willing to take part even in daring political exhibition discourses. Like the COMET PRUSSIA exhibition, in which artists from 5 different countries created a critical reflection upon the heritage of the Prussian state and its successor the German Republic; the DEMOCRACY/VIOLENCE exhibition which reflected upon the balance of powers between Individual and State (in 2009, long before the Occupy movement started) or the IRANIAN BODIES exhibition (2011), which showed the human body in the discourse of Muslim religious constrains. Out of this debate the Facebook PERSBOOK competition, curated by Edward Lucie-Smith, has emerged to promote contemporary Iranian art.

Other thematic exhibitions explored the condition of human rights like Pierre Jouve's MARIANNE BRISEE , Jaan Elken's paintings which reflect upon the socialistic Gulag system, or certain projects of Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein which take up the life and experiences of Liao Yiwu a famous Chinese dissident, who received the prestigious Frankfurt Book prize of the German Bourse in October 2012.

Werkstattgalerie succeeded to put its artists into several institutional museal exhibitions (Hamburger Deichtorhallen, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Berlinische Galerie, Salsali Private Museum Dubai, Klaipeda Culture Center in Lithuania, Kiek in de Koek Museum Tallin) , Collections and Biennials and is collaborating repeatedly with the embassies of France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia to promote a vivid exchance of culture and ideas between countries.

Since 2011 among some of our represented artist an intense dialog has build up which led to the building of a small artist group of NEW Abstraction and Concretion which has been wildly exhibited in Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Klaipeda and Vilnius yet.

Werkstattgalerie has been opened in June 2007 and is run by Pascual Jordan and Mirko Freiwald.

Eisenacher Str. 6
D-10777 Berlin

Tu-Fr 12-19h
Sa 12-16h or by appointment

Facebook: werkstattgalerie.berlin
Tel: +49.30.65 83 93 60